Fretboard Mapping

In this series of lessons, Colin outlines tools and techniques to map your knowledge of music theory to the guitar’s fretboard, so it’s available to you in a musical context.


Fretboard Mapping – Part 4

I hope you’ve gotten stronger at knowing your fretboard with the first three fretboard mapping lessons. If you haven’t worked through those yet, check those out first, as they help to build the foundation that the exercise I’m about to show you is built upon. Practicing scales in alphabetical order is an important first step […]


Fretboard Mapping – Part 3

In order to freely improvise outside of the proverbial “box” or be able to sightread a piece of music well on the guitar, one has to be able to see the pitches on their fretboard in as many ways as possible. In this video, I’ll show you another approach to effectively mapping the fretboard to […]


Fretboard Mapping – Part 2

Applying theoretical knowledge to your instrument is an important step along your path to fretboard mastery. In this episode, I’m going to show you an exercise that implements diatonic thinking into your fretboard understanding to help you know your guitar inside out. If you’re watching Part 2 of Fretboard Mapping, I assume you’ve mastered part […]


Fretboard Mapping – Part 1

Unlocking your fretboard is essential if you want to play guitar without limitations. In this episode I’m going to show you a chromatic exercise to help you know your guitar inside out. Today I’m going to talk to you about fingerboard mapping; fretboard mapping. It seems like every student that is struggling with breaking outside […]