Music Theory for Guitarists


A straight-forward explanation of how music works and connects the guitar.

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Music Theory for Guitarists is a 90+ page eBook that breaks down music theory and illustrates uses of diatonic triads and 4-part chords, close, spread, and drop voicings, inversions, secondary dominants, sub V dominants, shell voicings, tensions, slash chords, borrowed chords, modes, chord scales, counterpoint, pedal point, chromatic approach, passing diminished, line cliché, and constant structures in popular guitar genres. This eBook includes diagrams, song excerpts, tablature, reference worksheets, and more.

Table of contents:

The Chromatic Scale

Interval Names

Building Major Scales

  • Major Scale Quick Reference
  • Modes

Diatonic Harmony

  • Triads
  • 4-part chords



  • Triad diagrams
  • Triad examples
  • 4-part chords
  • Drop voicings
  • Slash chords
  • Examples of creative uses
  • Triadic components of 7th chords
  • Shell Voicings
  • Tensions

Constant Structures

Dominant Chord Theory

Borrowed Chords

Chord Scales

  • Scale Formula Quick Reference
  • Chord Scale Forms


  • Chromatic Approach
  • Passing Diminished
  • Line Cliché


Pedal Point